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5 must-see tips for healthier joints (and healthier life)

5 must-see tips for healthier joints (and healthier life)
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Taking care of your joints is a crucial step in living a healthy life. Without healthy joints not only will your mobility be limited, but you could find yourself in constant pain and need to change your lifestyle. Stay in control of your life and your health and follow the below tips to keep you and your joints in peak condition.

  1. Eat right

Taking the right nutrients will go a long way to keeping your joints healthy or repairing any joints that may be deteriorating.

Making sure you are getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, as well as Calcium are all important. This ensures that you are providing your bones with all the necessary nutrients to nourish your bones and keep them in top shape.

Dairy products and multi-vitamins are a source of these key nutrients.

Additionally, many people find it beneficial to take a joint health supplement to promote joint health. Collagen, Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin are all ingredients that can improve joint health, take some time to read more about them if you are interested in taking a joint supplement.

  1. Rest when you need it

Learning to take some time off and rest your joint is also important to maintaining healthy joints. Constant stress can lead to your joints weakening so giving them some time off can be very beneficial. Ignoring or “pushing through” joint pain is a short-sighted approach that can be very dangerous.

If you do experience minor joint pain while being active, consider taking some time off. Additionally, icing your joints after exercise can help reduce inflammation and help your recovery.

  1. Maintain good posture

Slouching can put extra pressure on your joints. Standing and sitting with a straight back can go a long way in improving your joint health.

Another important note is to maintain good posture when carrying or lifting. When picking up a heavy object be sure to live with your legs as opposed to your back. When carrying a backpack or bag distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders as opposed to leaving all the weight on one. Be aware of the stress you are putting on your joints when doing any type of lifting or pushing of large objects.

  1. Watch your weight

It may seem simple, but being aware of your weight can often be one of the best steps you take in order to take care of your joints. Carrying around excess weight wears down your joints at an accelerated rate. If much of the weight is fat, as opposed to muscle, this can be even more of an issue as your joints won’t have the surrounding muscle to deal with the added stress.

Hip, knees, back, and ankle joints are particularly prone to being vulnerable to excess weight. Your joints are just another reason to make managing your weight a priority in your life.

  1. Build muscle to support joints

Building strong muscles ensures that your joints do not need to always bear the brunt of the impact. Strong muscles support joints by absorbing some force that the cartilage would normally.

In particular, your hips and knees can benefit from weight training to decrease the stress on joints as there are large muscles around these joints. Not only that but the knee and hip also bear most of the bodyweight on a daily basis and therefore are often the most prone to joint deterioration.

Basic strength training exercises for your quadriceps and core can go a long way to improving your joints in these areas. Furthermore, increasing your forearm strength can help with elbow pain.

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