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Anne McLaren | Geneticist English | Great Britain

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Dame Anne McLaren, full lady Laura Dorinthea McLaren (born in London on April 26, 1927), English geneticist who has made key advancements in mammalian genetic and embryological development, which contribute to a better knowledge of breast biology, and has given way to breakthroughs in vitro and other fertility therapies. In the field of mammalian genetics and embryology, she is an English pioneer.

In London and Bodnant, Wales McLaren has been elevated. She studied biology and was awarded a doctorate in 1952, at Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford. She began foundational research on the processes controlling the development of embryonic skeletal mice the same year at University College London (UCL) together with her husband, Donald Michie. She and Michie subsequently proceeded to the Royal Veterinary College (1955–59) where they managed to successfully complete the first successful in-vitro culture and mouse embryo uterine implantation.

McLaren carried performed major work at the University of Edinburgh (1959–74) in the production of mammalian chimeras. (Chimera animals are cell-composed creatures that have sprung from at least two separate genetic cells.) She returned to UCL as Director of the Mammalian Development Unit of the Medical Research Council (1974-1992) and was Principal Researcher of the Wellcome Trust (1992-2007), following her obligatory retirement. In 2004 McLaren co-founded the Ark of Frozen, a store of genetic material for both studies and prospective cloning applications from endangered species.

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