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This Basil Lemonade Spritzer is refreshing and kid-friendly!

In the summer I am always looking for fun new beverages to stay hydrated. As much as I love water, it can get boring! This Basil Lemonade Spritzer was inspired by a drink I had at a local Mediterranean cafe call Sofra. This place has some of the best breakfast, pastries, and lunch in town. Their plates are small but satisfying and full of flavor! And their beverages do not disappoint.

Their beverage was straight Basil Lemonade. I am all about herb-infused beverages these days, and who knew basil + lemonade would be so good! To give it some sparkle and fun I added in some plain seltzer water or as my son calls it “spicy water”.  As you can see below we had a quick fan on our hands. I had about one minute to snap some photos before he came in to steal a few sips, then attempt to walk away with the whole drink!

I didn’t try it, but I am assuming you could easily make this into a delicious  adult beverage by adding in some of your favorite vodkas 😉

Happy sipping!

A refreshing summer beverage the whole family will enjoy!
Author: Lauren Sharifi, RD LDN
Recipe type: Drink
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4 servings
  • ¼ cup of sugar
  • ¼ cup of water
  • ½ cup of lemon juice ( about 2 large lemons)
  • ⅓ cup of basil leaves
  • 4 cups plain seltzer
  • 2 cups of ice
  1. Start by making a simple syrup by adding sugar and water to a small saucepan on low heat. Mix and cook until sugar is dissolved. Turn off the heat and let cool.
  2. In a small blender or food processor add lemon juice and basil and blend together.
  3. In a large pitcher add simple syrup, lemon, and basil mixture, seltzer. Add in ice when ready to serve.

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