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“I have the right to do that I see” BILLIE EILISh, ICône Glamaour IN A BOOK:

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The 19-year-old singer trades her XXL and green hair for corset and platinum loops. A new way for her to disseminate the feminist message that she has been promoting since its beginnings.

Billie Eilish fashion consecration. The American 19-year-old pop superstar covers the June issue of the famous fashion magazine, British Vogue. And the young woman looks like no one has ever seen her: the woman who has been covering in XXL outfits from the beginning of her career is trading her sweater too big against glamor, corset, and skirt in latex. After tasting black and green hair for months, she is now a platinum blonde, with loops at Marilyn Monroe. The whole gives a look very pin-up 50’s, in contrast to what she has used to her audience.


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Une publication partagée par BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish)

If Billie Eilish devoted such effort thus far to concealing her forms, it was not without reason: “Dressing myself like I am 800 times bigger than I prevent people from judging the look of (My) body,” she confided to Vogue Australia in 2019. This metamorphosis is the result of a reflection, when the singer is getting ready to release her second album, Happier Than Ever (happier than ever), on July 30.

“I have never done anything this way,” said Bad Guy’s interpreter in the British Vogue column, anticipating the criticism that these photographs will generate. “If you promote self-acceptance, why would you wear a corset? She said, ‘Why aren’t you going to show your true body?’ “My thing is that I have the right to do what I want.”


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Une publication partagée par BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish)

“All that matters is what makes you good. If you want to do surgery, it’s going to do it. If you want to wear a dress, but somebody finds you to be too thick to wear it, you shoulder it. If you have the feeling of being beautiful, you are beautiful.”

“I am proud”

A year ago, Billie Eilish released a video in which she denounced the worship of appearance. “You have ideas about my music, my clothing, my body,” she said. “I feel your gaze, all the time. And nothing of what I do is not unnoticed, so I feel your disapproving looks or your sighs of relief. If I lived according to them, I would not be able to move.”

A year later, she described the paradoxical expectations to which women are subjected “Suddenly you are hypocritic if you want to show your skin, you are easy, you are a s****, you are a p***. If I am one, I am proud of it. I and all the girls are p****, and they are shelved. Let us turn things around and take power away. Showing your body and skin – just like not doing it – should not deprive you of respect.”


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Une publication partagée par BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish)

“A letter open to people who mistreat other people”

Finally, the nineteen-year-old singer speaks about the track Your Power, the first excerpt from her next album, in which she speaks to a person who abused a minor person. “This is an open letter to those who mistreat other people – mostly men,” she said. “I do not know a girl or a woman who had no weird or really bad experience. And males too: young boys are constantly being abused.” It reveals that she herself has been abused in her youth without unveiling the nature of it.

Within a few years, Billie Eilish has established herself as the Z-generation ambassador in the pop scene. In early 2020, she was the youngest artist in history to receive the Grammy Awards of the revelation of the year, song of the year, year recording, and recording of the year. A few weeks ago, she was awarded the year’s recording award for the Everything I Wanted song once again. In addition, there is a documentary film by Billie Eilish, who has been released on Apple TV+: The World’s a Little Blurry.

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