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Colonoscopy for ulcerative colitis

Colonoscopy for ulcerative colitis
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I have a colonoscopy for ulcerative colitis once a year, so I’m a veteran more than 15 times already (^_^)

It may be a little different depending on the hospital, but here I will talk about the flow of endoscopy of the large intestine.

The day before the inspection

Eat something that is easy to digest.
Recently, I often get a retort pouch test meal.

By the way, the inspection food is the actual cost.

And at 10 and 14 o’clock, drink more than a glass of water.

At 17:00, we will have an early dinner.

Take a laxative before going to bed.

On the day of inspection

Wake up at 6 o’clock and take a laxative dissolved in 2 (1.8) liters of water for 1-2 hours.
This is quite painful.

I used to prepare PET bottles, but now it’s convenient because the laxative container is now a container.

Set a goal, such as “drink a glass in 5 minutes,” and do your best to drink it.

I wanted to go to the bathroom while I was drinking, and eventually, I got a watery stool.

Then, I head to the hospital while worrying about the toilet.

When you arrive at the hospital, change into an examination gown, drip infusion, and the examination will begin.

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