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Dry Feet – Why can it be?

Dry Feet – Why can it be?
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When the skin of the feet detaches, it is the body that sends a warning signal. What are the main causes of this problem?

Skin peeling on any part of the body occurs when hydration is lacking. This is not the only symptom of a specific skin problem. In the event that your feet are peeling, there are diseases that cause this symptom, but it is not always a cause for concern, just take better care of this part of the body so as not to have dry feet.

Causes of dry feet

Over the years, the heel may become thicker, sometimes cracking and peeling. This is a natural reaction of the skin that becomes more resistant to the environment that is exposed, it is enough to treat with moisturizers and exfoliation.

If you notice that the skin is loosened in the chest, the sole of the foot, or between the toes, the cause may be different. Watch for other symptoms that appear simultaneously with peeling.

1. Fungi

Fungi are microorganisms that are everywhere. They can settle and develop on your feet in various ways.

For being barefoot on the floor of a wet area, being in direct contact with dirt or sand, wearing closed shoes for long hours, or not drying your feet well before putting on your socks.

They like a warm and humid environment. Therefore, they will proliferate, causing peeling and itching. One of the most common types is mycosis, which can also redden the skin, with crumbling and hollow nails.

2. Dehydration

Do you drink enough water throughout the day? Dehydration has many other symptoms such as dry mouth, weight loss, weakness. It also affects the skin and can leave your feet dry. Be attentive to all symptoms to explain them to the doctor so you can get an accurate diagnosis.

3. Contact dermatitis

Some people only discover an allergic skin reaction when they come into contact with certain substances or tissues that cause itching, redness, and/or peeling. That is why the problem is called contact dermatitis or eczema. If you realize that your feet take off after wearing certain socks or shoes, it may be because the material has touched your skin. Maybe your body is sensitive to it.

4. Psoriasis

According to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious, and fairly common condition. Symptoms include spots with dry and whitish scales, dry and cracked skin, itching, burning, pain, and changes in the appearance of the nails. This can also be a cause.

5. Dyshidrosis

Dyshidrosis is a medical condition that causes small blisters such as sago pimples on the hands and feet. These blisters have fluid inside and cause a lot of itching and pain. The causes are diverse, but when dry feet begin to appear, it is a sign that the condition is more serious, so you need immediate treatment.

How to treat them?

The way to treat them is very varied. If it is because of an illness, only the doctor can tell you how to treat it.

If you see that you have no symptoms and that it is only dryness, especially in the soles of the feet, you can treat them by soaking the feet in a bowl of warm water at night for half an hour.

Then, pass sandpaper to pee without much force, only to remove dead cells. Rinse your feet with warm water, dry them well, and apply a cream or moisturizing oil.

Do this several times a week and you will see the result soon. This is a precaution you should always take, especially in summer when wearing more open shoes.

What doctor to look for and when?

The specialist who can respond to the cause of peeling your feet is the dermatologist. When you notice that your feet have an abnormal peeling, also itching, redness, or other symptoms, you should go to the doctor. Avoid home treatments, especially if you often have allergies because the symptoms may get worse.

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