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Effective tips to choose the best ‘Water Purifier for Home’

Effective tips to choose the best ‘Water Purifier for Home’
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Times & Trends are changing very fast but some changes good & some bad. You would always find someone who is reminiscing about their generation, be it their fashion, lifestyle, games, etc. They used to enjoy consuming water from taps; whether the tap is present in the house/school/railway station. Though there was an issue of water contamination in those days as well, it was not as widespread as it is today. The same thing also applies to air since breathing ‘fresh air’ has also become a privilege.

These days when you visit any home, you would definitely find RO Water Purifier or Water Purifier RO in their home since consuming tap water directly can be harmful to your health (if not in the short-run, definitely in the long-run). With so many brands, models, and prices; consumers are often confused when they want to buy a water purifier for a home.

There are different water filtration technologies and Reverse Osmosis (RO) is considered the most advanced water filtration technology. RO filtration is highly effective in eliminating most of the harmful pollutants present in contaminated water. Conventional filters do not eliminate heavy metals & viruses, hence consumers prefer RO water purifiers over other options. There are many advanced RO water purifiers that also have UV, UF, and taste enhancers. These purifiers have a 7-stage filtration process and water storage capacity is around 8 liters.

One question that might be lingering in your mind is – With so many brands in the market, which company makes the best water purifier? Since water consumption has health implications associated with it, you should always purchase a purifier of a renowned brand. LivPure is one such company that has a number of years of research & operational expertise. They have a number of options for RO Water Purifier and have a very strong online, as well as offline presence. Since water purifier is also a machine, it would require timely maintenance and this is where they score well when compared to their competitors. Talking about competition, other manufacturers have RO Water purifiers that rely on Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) controllers which they claim improves the taste of water. However, the downside is that such purifiers do not remove the harmful metal substances, bacteria, and viruses that are the main cause of water-borne diseases.

Now that you have purchased the right RO water purifier, your next task would be to store the water in a clean container. It is recommended that the water is stored in a clean stainless steel container, as it is not prone to bacteria growth. You should make sure that the container is tightly sealed so that dust particles do not enter the purified water. In a nutshell, choosing the best RO water purifier is a job half done if you are not storing the purified water in a clean container.

As mentioned earlier, a water purifier would also require timely maintenance and this is where you should choose a purifier from a well-known brand like LivPure. The company has a reliable back-end service where technicians are available over the call as well. They also have attractive maintenance packages. Another advantage is that you can raise a ‘ticket’ for repairing & maintenance on their website. Many consumers are more comfortable buying stuff online and they only want to have a look at their product & RO price before they buy Water Purifier Online. Technologically advanced customers are well-versed with online shopping; hence they prefer buying Water Purifier directly from the LivPure website.

These are some of the simple, yet effective tips in choosing the best water purifier for home. Remember, ‘Health is Wealth’ and you should never compromise on your health!

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