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Examination for ulcerative colitis

Examination for ulcerative colitis
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Examination for ulcerative colitis test for ulcerative colitis was palpation.

In my case, the inflammation was concentrated in the rectum, so it was judged to be hemorrhoids. However, even after that, the melena did not subside, and diarrhea and abdominal pain also appeared.

I had a stomachache in the middle of the night and I couldn’t stand up. Then I had a barium examination and endoscopy of the intestines at the hospital.

Endoscopy is a test in which a camera is placed in the intestines. It was an embarrassing test for an 18-year-old girl at the time, but I can’t say that!

In the end, I was diagnosed with “ulcerative colitis” by taking a part of the mucous membrane by endoscopy.

In endoscopy, you can see the image yourself, but you can see that the wall in the intestine has become white and the blood vessels are not clearly visible.

In my case, my blood pressure is low, so I can’t use any painkillers during endoscopy, and the test is very painful.

There are individual differences, and the pain during the examination seems to differ depending on the skill of the teacher’s endoscope.

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