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Herbert A. Gilbert invented a non-tobacco cigarette that was smokeless in 1963. However, it was never introduced on the market. Not until 2003 was the modern e-cig patented by Hon Lik, a Chinese investor. According to Herbert Gilbert’s patent filing, the device he created worked much in the same way as an e-cigarette. The user drew air through a cartridge. A flavoring agent was applied to the cartridge, which was warmed by a heating element.

The Basic Modern E-Cig Design

Today’s e-cigarette features a replaceable cartridge that holds polyethylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavoring, and nicotine. Some e-cigarettes also offer e-juices that are free of nicotine. The heating chamber or vapouriser is either built into the body of the e-cigarette or in the inhaler cartridge. The device features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and circuit board as well. An LED at the tip of the e-cig lights up to simulate the look of a burning cigarette.

A Safe Alternative

With each inhalation, a sensor is triggered, which causes the e-juice to be heated. The heated e-juice turns into a vapor, which the vaper draws into his or her mouth. When you choose to vape products such as Vapeking E-Cigs, you are choosing a safer alternative to smoking.

In fact, one study in 2013 revealed that the harmful chemicals in an e-cigarette occurred at a level up to 450 times lower than in traditional cigarette smoke. That is because the vaping technology of an e-cigarette does not lead to combustion. The e-juice or liquid is merely vapourised. Plus, the main ingredient in an e-cigarette — polyethylene glycol — has gained FDA approval. Therefore, anything that you can use that can steer you away from smoking is an improvement.

A Deadly and Costly Addiction

Indeed, smoking is deadly as well as a costly habit. Regular tobacco cigarettes cost a great deal of money and contain numerous carcinogens. As a result, you put both your physical and financial health at risk. In addition, regular cigarettes do not do anything for the environment. Most of the butts from regular cigarettes are washed down storm drains. In addition, the passive smoke from cigarettes can make people and animals just as sick as the smoke inhaled by the smokers themselves.

No Ashtray or Matches Required

When you weigh the advantages of vaping against smoking, the benefits are hard to ignore. Not only are e-cigs safer but they also make it possible for you to save money. Besides being much lower in price, e-cigs also do not require the use of certain accessories such as ashtrays, lighters, or matches.

One more advantage to note is that e-cigarettes come in a host of flavors. The e-juice that is sold mimics the taste of tobacco as well as a variety of fruity and delicious flavors such as cherry, vanilla, and chocolate.

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