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How did Motorised Window Treatment Options work?

How did Motorised Window Treatment Options work?
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Window treatment facilitates the use of a decorating element that is fixed on the interior part of a window for various purposes. Generally, these elements are used for insulation purposes. However, they can also be used to provide a sophisticated look to the same. The use of motorized window treatment options has been significantly increased in the past few years. They can be easily used. Moreover, the use of such items can provide an up-scale look to one’s place.

Various power sources of motorized window treatment:

Motorized elements are generally available in the form of motorized tilt or motorized lift. Motorized tilt is generally used for the cellular, roman, or roller shades. On the other hand, the motorized lift is used in slatted blinds made up of wood or aluminum. The various power sources of these elements include:

• Solar Power Kits:

These make use of solar energy to facilitate the process of treatment of windows. In such cases, these elements are generally used on such windows which have a routine expose to direct sunlight. No batteries or cords are used in such items. Moreover, with the use of these kits, a sleek look can be provided to the treatment element.

• Motorised Window Treatment:

These elements can also be powered through battery tubes. No outlet is required in the proximity of these power sources for their operation. Moreover, they don’t take much of a space and easily fit within the treatment element.

• DC Power Adapter:

This a power source of motorized window treatment elements when the power source lies in close proximity of the element. These power sources can be easily noticed in comparison to the other complementary power sources due to the presence of a wire. The reliability of such power sources is higher as they don’t make use of batteries and thus, the problem of stalling is reduced to an appreciable extent.

How can motorized window treatment elements be controlled?

1. Remotes can be used for controlling purposes. The controlling process can be initialized from an appreciable distance. These remotes are available with the option of single-channel as well as five channels. Single channels can be used for a single window or a group of windows that are less in number. On the other hand, a five-channel window can be used to operate multiple windows. Moreover, such remotes can also be used to control a treatment element from a significant distance too.

2. One can also hold the control in hands using a wall switch. These switches installed on walls are also available in single or five-channel. By using a single channel switch, individual blinds or more than one motorized blind can be operated simultaneously. By using a five-channel switch, up to five shades can be operated individually.

3. Another way of controlling these motorized elements can be with the help of the WINK mobile app. The elements can be made to have a specific schedule of getting operated. An individual’s position doesn’t matter to operate using the app and it is convenient to use too.

4. With the help of a programmable timer, a motorized window treatment element can be made to operate at a specific predetermined time on each day. For an instance, the shades can get opened in the morning and can get shut down during periods of sunlight with high-intensity.

Motorized options can be used in a number of window treatment elements which can be well known through Blind Guyz. The selection of the best option can be made among many choices. Be mindful and choose the best option available.

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