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Knee pain. What to do

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Knee pain can occur at seemingly anytime. It can come from a variety of factors, such as overuse of a joint, a sudden movement, or a chronic condition such as arthritis. Understanding the root cause of knee pain is important in being able to take steps to heal the joint.

Symptoms of knee joint pain

Symptoms of knee pain include pain when participating in everyday activities, as well as swelling and stiffness that are abnormal. Below are some examples of when knee pain often first appears:

– Knee pain when running.

– Knee pain when walking upstairs.

– Knee pain when walking downstairs.

– Knee pain when bending the knee.

Additionally, knee pain can show up in different parts of the knee as well. Sometimes the pain is described as “behind the knee” while for others it is the lower part of the knee. This can signal a different part of the joint is injured and you should describe this to any health care professionals that you see.

Relief for knee joint pain

As discussed earlier, the three root causes of knee pain are a sudden injury, an overuse injury, or an underlying condition such as arthritis

A sudden injury can occur from an impact, or your knee is bent at an “awkward” angle. Athletes in contact sports such as football, or soccer are at an increased risk of a sudden knee injury. These injuries are not too frequent but can be debilitating as they are usually accompanied by sharp and constant pain. If you do sustain an injury such as this, you should see a medical professional immediately. There is no way of knowing how much damage has been done without getting a professional opinion. The only exception would be if you sprained the joint and you can still walk on it with some discomfort. Taking some time off may allow you a full recovery, however, if the pain persists see a medical professional immediately.

An overuse injury is most often found in runners or athletes who compete in endurance sports. It usually takes an extended period for these injuries to manifest themselves, but when they do they can be very painful. Taking time off from impact on the knee is the best way to allow an overuse injury to heal. Icing the joint several times a day and elevating can be helpful too. Taking a joint health supplement that promotes joint health can be another healthful step to getting your knee back into form. When the pain subsides, be careful not to rush back to the same activity level you were at prior to your injury. This can often lead to re-aggravating your knee pain. Instead, ease back into a consistent activity level and be sure to take it easy if you start having joint pain again.

An underlying injury often occurs from arthritis or other chronic causes. If this is the case you should see a medical professional for guidance. Lifestyle changes will need to be made to alleviate this kind of knee pain. Look into exercises to promote joint health as well as finding the right joint health supplement to incorporate into your life.

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