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Low Carb Chocolate Avocado Bowl – Chocolate Pudding

Low Carb Chocolate Avocado Bowl – Chocolate Pudding
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Ingredients :

1 medium avocado (about 120 g)

200ml coconut milk

35g Simply Keto Drinking Chocolate

Low Carb Chocolate Avocado Bowl – Chocolate Pudding

We combine our favorite keto fruit, the avocado with delicious cocoa. Not only does he make you happy, but he is also really healthy. The avocado has in addition to high-quality, long-chain fatty acids via phytosterols (to lower cholesterol), important antioxidants, vitamins (especially vitamin C and E), dietary fiber, and minerals.

Our delicious drinking chocolate has just 4.8 g of usable carbohydrates per 100 g or 1 g serving – suitable for low carb and keto, as well as paleo. In addition, drinking chocolate is guaranteed to be gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan. You can get it here: << Drinking Chocolate >>


The preparation is very simple – put all ingredients in a high mixing bowl and mix well with the blender. Of course, a blender works just as well. Then put everything in a bowl and garnish at will.

We present the ultimate chocolate lightning recipe for breakfast or in between – a vegan, keto-friendly chocolate pudding.

Nutritional information

Per 100g

condensing         KJ / kcal

KJ            2191

kcal        523

fat          51.5

of it saturated   21.0

carbohydrates   4.1

of which sugars 2

protein 8.3

salt         0.17

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