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Medical treatment for ulcerative colitis

Medical treatment for ulcerative colitis
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In the medical treatment of ulcerative colitis, drugs are prescribed to reduce inflammation.

If the symptoms are mild, 5-ASA preparations such as salazopyrin and Pentasa that suppress inflammation and prevent relapse are used, and if the inflammation does not subside, corticosteroids such as prednisolone that strongly suppress inflammation are used.

Pentasa is a new drug that extracts the active ingredient from salazopyrin and is said to have fewer side effects than salazopyrin.

For refractory ulcerative colitis for which these drugs cannot be used (does not work), immunosuppressants such as Sandimmune, Leukerin, and Imran are used.

There are oral medicines and infusion medicines, but when inflammation is concentrated, I felt that the infusion medicines are more effective, so they heal faster and have fewer side effects.

Topical steroids cause considerable swelling of the face and weight gain.
The swelling of the face is called the moon face. Certainly, the face became round like the moon.

Once the symptoms have subsided and the medication is over, it will return to normal, so please be patient and survive for a while.

It is dangerous, so please follow your doctor and do not stop drinking at your own discretion.

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