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Military Exercise Drills for Rapid Weight Loss – If You Can Survive

Military Exercise Drills for Rapid Weight Loss – If You Can Survive
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This is Not For the Faint of Heart

One thing is for sure: men in the military services are hot. Whether you just want to look like them, or you actually want to join the armed forces, you need a military workout to help you lose weight and build 6 pack abs.

Military exercises are really tough fitness routines, often performed outdoors, and imply a combination of intense workouts meant to increase strength, endurance, and burn calories weight fast. These workouts can include weight training, cardiovascular training, or running.

If you want to start into something adventurous like this, you should prepare yourself for a heavy physical training routine. For most people outside the army, these drills might seem extreme, inhuman or just impossible. However, you must be aware that those in the services must be prepared for a wide variety of life-threatening, unexpected situations, and this requires a lot of preparation.

Military workout drills can help you strengthen both your body and your mind, and help you get leaner in a short period of time (if you survive of course).

Here are some military workout examples you could try:


  • A three-mile walk with a 30-pound backpack. Walking with a heavy rucksack is a usual military training exercise you can also include in your weight loss program. Fill a backpack until it becomes heavy enough, and start marching in the woods, on a running track, or on a sidewalk. Try to keep a constant, fast pace. You should be able to finish your three-mile walk in about an hour.


  • Fast running after a long march. After you finish your three-mile walk, you should get rid of the backpack and start running (best only for younger people). It is not going to be easy, but the fact that you won’t feel the weight of the backpack anymore will considerably help you. Run as fast as you can for about 10 minutes, then return to marching. Continue walking lightly for another half an hour.


  • Cardiovascular exercise. Assuming you can still stand up, you should do about 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises every day. You could try jogging, riding a bike or going for a swim. The important thing is to maintain a high intensity from the beginning of the training to the end and make sure you rest properly between sessions.


  • 6 pack abs exercises. An intense combination of pushups, crunches, and pull-ups will help you achieve a strong abdomen. Do 10 push-ups, continue with 20 regular crunches, and 10 pull-ups. Repeat two times. You can build up to these amounts – start small.


  • Exercise for strong legs. Walk or jog for 5 minutes. Continue with 20 squats. Do 10 lunges with each leg. Next, do 25 right crunches and 25 left crunches. Finish with 10 hip rollers on each side. To cool down your body, walk for another 5 minutes.


  • Exercise for upper body strength. This exercise is great for building strong upper body muscles. Start with 5 repetitions, but try to reach 10 repetitions, in time. Do 10 pull-ups, continue with 10 sit-ups, then do 10 more pull-ups and 10 more sit-ups, and finish with 10 push-ups. Men in the military must repeat this exercise 10 times, every day. This explains why they have such strong and well-built bodies.


  • Fast exercises. Men in red, white and blue, must be able to do workouts not only in an effective way but also really fast. You should be able to run two miles in less than 18 minutes, do thirty push-ups in less than 2 minutes, and 45 sit-ups in less than 2 minutes. How fast can you do all these exercises?


Try to improve your performance until you manage to reach the above time limits. If you think you might need to call the Paramedics, you should skip this one.

If you plan to join the army, navy, or marines, you should do all the above exercises with ease and in a short amount of time. Of course, in order to be accepted to the military forces, you must train yourself for a long period of time, until you manage to take control over your own body and feel that nothing is too difficult for you.

However, if you don’t plan to follow a career in the forces, you can just learn from what they do, train like them, look like them, and have the same level of self-confidence.

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