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More States Move to Legalise CBD Oil

More States Move to Legalise CBD Oil
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CBD oil, a substance that’s made up of select cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant, has been legal in the UK since a 2017 law change. Now, an increasing number of states in the US are making CBD legal, increasing interest in the non-psychoactive substance.

Used to treat everything from anxiety to chronic pain, CBD oil has grown into one of the year’s top health trends. It’s made from cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis that may have a range of health benefits.

Because CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, the part of cannabis that’s responsible for its noticeable, “high” effects, it doesn’t cause users to feel stoned. Instead, CBD oil is linked to improvements in a wide range of health conditions and medical issues.

After Michigan and other states recently legalized medical marijuana, a growing number of US states are making CBD oil legal.

One of the most recent is Indiana, which legalized CBD oil in March of this year as part of a new measure allowing low-THC cannabis products. Under the new law, adults in Indiana can legally buy, sell and possess CBD oil, provided its total THC content is less than 0.3 percent.

With CBD oil legal in the state, a growing number of businesses are rushing to provide CBD oil and other related products to consumers. Interest in CBD has grown massively since it became legal in the UK, as well as in more than 30 different US states.

Currently, CBD oil is available from a range of health-related businesses, including vaping and natural health shops. CBD vape oil, vaporizers, and numerous other products are also available online from a range of retailers.

Despite the legalization of CBD oil in Indiana and several other states, zero-tolerance laws for THC mean that people who consume large amounts of CBD could be at risk of being charged with a crime.

Under Indiana law, people who show even a tiny amount of THC or THC metabolites in their system can face prosecution. While CBD only contains trace amounts of THC, consuming a large amount of CBD oil could place users at risk of breaking the law.

Currently, research into CBD oil’s health benefits isn’t conclusive. However, users of CBD oil have claimed a wide range of health benefits and improvements, from reductions in pain and relief from injuries to improvements in certain epilepsy symptoms.

Despite this, as these benefits aren’t yet proven by comprehensive scientific studies, it’s illegal for CBD retailers to market their products as medical treatments with the same health benefits as proven, FDA-approved medications.

These restrictions don’t appear to have hampered growth in the public use of CBD oil. In the UK, the number of CBD oil consumers has grown from just 125,000 at the beginning of 2017 to a staggering 250,000 in April of 2018, representing a 100% increase in just one year.

In addition to Indiana, CBD oil is available in all 22 US states with legal medical marijuana, as well as 13 states that allow some form of medical CBD.

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