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Onset of ulcerative colitis

Onset of ulcerative colitis
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Ulcerative colitis often develops around the age of 20. However, it seems that it can occur even in babies and the elderly.

In my case, it was May, 18 years old, when I graduated from high school and became a member of society.

I had bleeding when I went to the bathroom, and I had a stomachache.
After that, it continued, and I was curious, so I went to the hospital.

The diagnosis was …
what hemorrhoid.

In my case, the inflammation was concentrated in the rectum, so I couldn’t judge.

The first symptom seems to be that the stools often become looser. Then, when bleeding, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. continues and the symptoms become severe, symptoms such as fever, weight loss, and anemia occur.

I think it is important to go to the hospital and get appropriate treatment before it gets worse.

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