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Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a hearing disorder that cannot be treated. However, this condition can be overcome with proper handling. Providing proper handling can hone a patient’s listening ability so that this will build good communication skills. A new child can have perfect communication skills until they are 15 years old so that before reaching that age, their listening ability is still not perfect. In that time span, is the right time to improve listening ability as the hearing system continues to develop.

As parents, directing children to good things is a must. The way that can be done as a way to treat auditory processing disorder is to provide listening exercises such as voice recognition, search for sound sources and get used to concentrating on one sound point around the noise. Children can also be trained to improve other abilities such as memory and problem-solving abilities.

As for a child who has difficulty speaking, you can direct it to talk therapy which aims to improve communication skills. This method can also be applied to children who have problems in reading. Other technical things that can also be done to facilitate the treatment process are sitting in the front row when the teacher teaches, minimizing all sounds that can cause noise, for example, TV, fan, or radio. You can also use tools such as frequency modulation, which is a loudspeaker device that is connected to the patient’s ear.

The most important thing about how to treat auditory processing disorder is to provide continuous support to children. You should not ask them to talk quickly, less clearly, and long. You must open your mouth properly when speaking so that the articulation is clear and visual aids such as pictures to explain things can be selected if needed. Keep repeating information until your child really understands what and how the conversation meant. Auditory processing disorder sufferers can live normally like other children and have achievements like other children if the surrounding environment is supportive and therapy is carried out early on.

Because there is no medicine that can cure this disorder, the following steps can be taken:

  • Reducing background noise that is too loud and distracting both at school and at home
  • Invites to communicate in simple and expressive language
  • Ask your child to repeat the instructions and commands given and ask him or her to repeat the instructions aloud until they are completed
  • Ask him to look you in the eye when he is talking
  • Speak at a low speed and a little loudly
  • Create a quiet learning place and atmosphere
  • Encourage children to have good sleep and good habits
  • Builds good self-confidence
  • Ask for routine and realistic work, for example cleaning the bathroom and study table

The simple steps above can be done as a way to treat auditory processing disorder. In addition, the love given by parents and family is very important for children’s growth and development. Let him know that you and your family really love him no matter what conditions he is in at the moment. That way, your child will be motivated and enthusiastic about going through the day. Gradually, his ability to speak and listen will improve. In addition, the self-confidence is getting bigger so that the desire to excel begins to emerge.






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