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The gastric patient should pay attention to these things

The gastric patient should pay attention to these things
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1. Drinking plenty of water daily: Gas does not accumulate in the stomach when drinking water constantly. Maintains water balance even in the zoo.

2. Don’t drink cold drinks like Coke or Fanta. It increases gas in the stomach.

3. Consume garlic water: Swallowing two or three pots of garlic with water after waking up in the morning is beneficial for those who have gastric. In addition, garlic water also benefits those with high blood pressure.

4. Eating every two hours: People with gastritis should eat every two hours as much as possible. When you do not eat for a long time, it causes problems by filling the stomach with air.

5. Drink lemon water: In case of gas in the stomach should drink lemon water. It removes gas and prevents bloating. Eating lemonade on an empty stomach reduces gas in the stomach.

6. Eat fewer carbohydrate foods: As it is difficult to digest gas in the stomach, it is advisable to stay away from foods such as beer, wine, corn, kidney beans, onions, and onions.

7. Don’t drink milk: Milk does not benefit those who have gastric. It is better not to drink milk as it is difficult to digest. Instead, it is better to eat yogurt and other milk products. With the help of the agency

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