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In order to master the profession of a nail service master, you need to know the structure of the nail in order to better understand its architecture, the technique of performing manicure, and nail modeling. The rollers and skin folds located around the nail serve to protect the nail plate and the root of the nail matrix from dirt and infections.

Proximal ridge

Proximal means “nearest to the site of attachment.” It is located at the base of the nail, the skin fold goes, as it were, under the nail and grows to the nail bed.

Lateral rollers The

lateral rollers (lateral) are located on both sides of the nail plate along the lateral sides.


Eponychium is the skin that sits on top, around the nail. It is a living tissue that is often mistakenly referred to as the cuticle. Eponychium cannot be cut off, otherwise, it will grow even larger and hardened, because it carries a protective function. A similar effect is observed with the formation of scars.
The upper, visible part of the eponychium looks like normal, healthy skin, but on the other hand, it is delicate tissue.

Cuticle The

the cuticle is the dead skin that grows directly from under the eponychium fold and slightly covers the base of the nail bed. The cuticle is located right next to the newly formed nail plate. It can grow far enough to the surface of the nail plate and gradually moves back as the nail grows. The cuticle grows to the eponychium on one side, and to the nail plate on the other, forming additional protection for the matrix.
As soon as the cuticle grows longer than the eponychium, it no longer fulfills its main function and can be cut off. If a thin layer, which is usually transparent, is left on the surface of the nail plate during nail extension, it will lead to delamination. Since the cuticle is dead skin, it will be like a sponge, absorbing grease and oils from the skin, directing them directly under the material.

During a manicure, eponychia and cuticles should be pushed back with a pusher. The cuticle must be carefully removed.

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