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Top 7 drinks for weight loss quicker

Top 7 drinks for weight loss quicker
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If you have decided to lose those extra pounds, you already know the best way to get there is to combine healthy foods with workouts. However, eating and exercising are not the only methods that can shed the flab. There are actually a few drinks that you can consume that speed up fat burning, so you lose fat quicker. Here are the top 7 drinks for weight loss:

1. Ice Cold Water

Drinking ice-cold water can speed up the metabolic process, so you eliminate more calories. You can drink at least 16 ounces of cold water every day to see the results.

2. Coconut Water

Coconut water has more electrolytes than other drinks you know, including the ones in this list. The more electrolytes are present, the more it hydrates you. You do not have to add artificial flavors or sugar to this drink to enjoy it. Aside from having a lot of electrolytes, it also gives you more energy and speeds up metabolism.

3. Skim Milk

When you drink skim milk, you encourage the fats in your body to break down easily. Therefore, you do not have to worry about them accumulating over time. Many nutritionists say that when you drink skim milk regularly, you can lose as much as 70% more fat than those who avoid dairy products. Enjoy one glass of skim milk a day to see the benefits.

4. Vegetable Juice

Vegetables are healthy and you may have probably incorporated them into your diet already. But you can gain more benefits by drinking vegetable juice, which is not only healthy but also makes you feel satisfied after drinking a small glass of it. On average, when you consume more vegetable juice, you can have fewer calories in your body, up to 135 calories less.

5. Nutritional Drinks

Since they are healthy drinks, they will naturally have positive effects on people, particularly their health. However, this is not all. You can actually lose weight if you consume more of these nutritional beverages from the market as they make you feel full after just a glass. Before you drink though, make sure that you have consulted with your doctor to verify whether the nutritional beverage of your choice is good for you or not.

6. Green and Black Tea

You may have already heard about how nutritious and valuable green tea is for people who want to lose weight. This is a fact as green tea speeds up the metabolic process in your body, allowing you to burn more calories. Green tea can burn up 43% more fat than regular drinks you consume. The same thing goes for black tea, which is also ideal for those who aim to be slimmer.

7. Watermelon Smoothie

This healthy smoothie is a friend of your belly – as long as you do not add sugary mixers. Watermelon smoothies are among the best ways for you to stay hydrated without getting that guilty feeling in the end. It has low calories and it already contains a lot of water. Plus, it contains arginine, which is an amino acid that can decrease your body fat while increasing your lean muscle mass.

Drink these beverages to do your waistline a favor. Some have low-calorie content, while others are just too satisfying, you won’t think about grabbing some sweet, fattening snacks for later.

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