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Tropical Beta-C Smoothie

Tropical Beta-C Smoothie
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This smoothie recipe came about when I was using up fruit I had in my fridge. Here in Canada tropical fruits are a nice choice when Spring is here but our own local produce is not yet available.

This year early Spring has come with snow and freezing rain so fruits like mangos, coconuts, and oranges can bring the flavor of warmer climates even if our own is still cold.

“Beta-C” in the recipe name stands for both beta-carotene and vitamin C. As the main ingredients are orange fruits I figured this smoothie would be high in beta-carotene. I did a little digging and found that the ingredients I used it has about 4.5 mg per serving with the mangos supplying the most (4.3 mg). The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests consuming at least 15 mg of beta-carotene daily. “Your body converts the beta-carotene you consume in foods into the amount of vitamin A it needs. An essential nutrient, vitamin A helps to maintain your immune system, vision, skin, and mucus membranes (Livestrong).

I also looked up the vitamin C content and found this smoothie has about 260 mg per serving with the oranges supplying slightly more (140 mg) than the mangos (120 mg). The US RDA for vitamin C is 75 mg for females and 90 mg for males, so this smoothie provides all that is needed plus extra! Coconut water, the third tropical ingredient, is a source of essential B vitamins as well as potassium & sodium, which make it a useful beverage for hydration and for preventing electrolyte imbalance.

As for the flavor. . .  well. . . it’s delicious as most fruit smoothies are. This smoothie has quite a bit of fruit per serving so if you are limiting your fruit intake I suggest a half portion. Enjoy!


4 mangos, peeled & pitted
4 oranges, peeled
Splash, coconut water
Ice cubes, a few (optional)


Blend all ingredients, adding coconut water to reach desired consistency. Tip – seedless oranges are great to use in smoothies because you don’t have to pick out the seeds. Some people blend the seeds right in but I find this creates a bitter under-taste. Garnish as desired. A slice of kiwi fruit would have made a lovely garnish for this smoothie. Unfortunately, I did not have any so settled for an orange slice.

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