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Types of Meditation: When and How to Meditate?

Types of Meditation: When and How to Meditate?
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How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Meditation

Whenever we talk about meditation there are always two questions that come to mind –

  1. When to Meditate?
  2. How to Meditate?

This article has described the possible answers to these two questions – It sounds odd to listen that often people have got a great idea in a bathroom but it is true. And the reason could be that they are meditated (they were with them) at that time. Now the question is, in our busy schedule when and how to meditate? And what we have to do in mediation? Here some simple ways to describe and you can practice those.

In our previous post “Meditation: Heal Many Suffering of Life”, we describe meditation and its benefits. Therefore, it would be important to read the previous post to understand meditation.

How to find the time to meditate (to live with yourself):

If you will find time for meditation, meditation will save your time and improve your lifestyle.

  1. You are waiting at the airport, bus stop, and train, etc.
    Types of Meditation: When and How to Meditate?
  2. You are waiting at the restaurant after ordering your food.
  3. You are waiting in the doctor’s office or any other place.
  4. A small break in your office or lunchtime.
  5. During your journey (such as in the flight, train, bus, and in the car), where you are the passenger.
  6. In the park, beach, riverside, or any of your favorite places.
  7. In the bed before sleep or after getup.

Types of Meditation:

There are many types of meditation and here are some examples of those.

Types of Meditation: When and How to Meditate?
  1. Transcendental meditation
  2. Vipassana meditation
  3. Walking meditation
  4. Kriya yoga meditation
  5. Mantra meditation
  6. Qi Gong (moving) meditation
  7. Thai Chi meditation
  8. Guided audio or visual meditation

And many other types of meditation, all types of meditation lead you towards stillness, towards God, towards conciseness, increases your awareness and they are all beneficial. You can choose any of the following types of meditation whichever resonates with you.

How to Practice Meditation:

Meditation is not doing, it’s undoing what you are doing (Dr. Sneh Desai). For meditation, sit comfortably relax, keep your hand open and bother hand figures together, close your eyes and observe your breaths. You need not forcefully focus on your breath, thoughts will come into your mind and go, you may forget to observe breaths sometimes and that is okay. Keep doing the same thing further. You will get more and more benefits from meditation as you keep practicing meditation.

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