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Ulcerative colitis and complications

Ulcerative colitis and complications
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Ulcerative colitis and complicationsUlcerative colitis is more than just inflammation of the intestines

・ Ankylosing spondylitis
・ Erythema nodosum
・ Necrotic pyoderma
・ Uveitis
・ Iriditis
・ Primary sclerosing cholangitis
・ Aphthous stomatitis

Complications such as may occur.

Surgery may be required depending on the complications.

Complications in joints, skin, eyes, etc. other than the large intestine are thought to be related to immune disorders. It is also said that UC is prone to stone formation.

It’s not a complication, but I have had itchy eczema all over my body.
The cause is unknown even if I go to a dermatologist.

I had to wear stockings at work, but I couldn’t, and it took me about a month to heal.
And from the other day, eczema appeared on the back of my hand again.

At first, I thought it was a rhagade, but it seems to be different.

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