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Vaping vs. smoking – Which is a healthier, safer and better option?

Vaping vs. smoking – Which is a healthier, safer and better option?
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Each and every discussion of vaping will include a comparison with smoking. This is because the majority of the vapers are smokers and in case you’re not someone who vapes, the majority of the vapers will be smokers. In case vaping survives all the biggest challenges, several of the would-be smokers will certainly be better off and they will be diverted from the addiction to cigarettes by nicotine alternatives like vape pens or electronic cigarettes.

In case you’re a smoker, you should be asking yourself whether vaping is worse than smoking. Well, vaping is 100% safe and against smoking cigarettes, they have long-term positive impacts on your health. Before you start vaping, it is vital that you start reading the reviews that you find at e-cigarettereviewsuk.co.uk so that you get in touch with the comments and feedback of the clients who have already used these.

The health impacts of vaping vs. smoking

More than 6 decades of science have proved that smoking is a rather risky activity. More than half of long-term smokers have constantly died from the bad effects of smoking. On the contrary, the science or the technology behind vaping is rather new and there is no such widespread harm that can be caused due to vaping.

As per the general report provided by a surgeon, around 16 million Americans suffer from diseases that are related to smoking with 500,000 dying every year. Here are the major sections of health issues that are caused by smoking cigarettes.


Cancer forms whenever the toxins damage the DNA of a cell and make it soar out of control. If there is a tumor, this can either remain local or cancer might even spread and reach from one organ to another. The majority of them are familiar with the fact that smoking causes lung cancer but despite knowing this, they still keep smoking. Vaping doesn’t burn any chemical and hence it doesn’t produce smoke; so there is no risk of cancer with vape pens.


Smoking tobacco cigarettes lead to a third of all the heart issues in the US every year. These deaths are caused due to heart failure, heart attacks, or sudden cardiac arrest. Nicotine is not just the main cause behind cancer as there are several other chemicals called carcinogens which are the main causes of cancer.

Therefore, whenever you’re confused about whether to smoke or whether to vape, opt for the latter as they have been proved to be much safer and healthier than smoking tobacco.

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