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Windy weather and eye protection

Windy weather and eye protection
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Now the pre-monsoon has started in Nepal. During this time, it rains with wind and lightning. The hurricane continues throughout the month of June. During hurricanes, along with various other problems, eye-related problems also come to the fore.

Due to the wind, there is a high probability of getting eye-related diseases due to the dust in the plants in the rural areas and in the urban markets.

Air is particularly harmful to the eyes, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, and lead. At the same time, there are small particles of rock in the air during this season. This causes a variety of eye problems.


Major eye problems during this time:

Blurred vision: If stone particles and other metal fragments fall on the eyes, there may be more pain in the eyes and repeated blinking of the eyes may cause wound healing.

Allergies: Our eyes are a very sensitive organ. If there is pollen or metal in the eye, the eye cannot tolerate it and there is a possibility of eye allergy.

Dry eyes: Dry eyes and sunlight can cause dry eyes. The dryness of the eyes also increases because the wind blows away the tears. This can lead to eyesores and swelling of the eyelids.

How to protect your eyes in this weather?

Wash your face thoroughly with clean water in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Mandatory use of spectacles when going to dusty places outside

Wash your face with clean water after returning home from outside

Use medicine in case of eye problems

 In case of the blindfold, put clean water in a container and dip the mouth with the eyes in it and look up and down.

 If the problem does not go away for more than 2 days, immediately go to the nearest eye treatment center and see a doctor.

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